Mushroom Tartine​

For a simple open-face sandwich, what makes ours different are the flavors and the presentation. We give our mushroom tartine attention at every step to ensure your gratification – visually and taste-wise.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’ll love the crunch and burst of flavors our chef masterfully combines to create this beauty.

Lillie's Victorian Establishment​

We can genuinely say that Lillie’s Victorian Establishment serves the tastiest mushroom tartine you’ll find in New York. Here’s why:

  • Grilled sourdough: Every healthy sandwich starts with the right choice of bread. We choose sourdough because it’s packed with health benefits. Our chef grills it to the perfect crunch.
  • Mustard caviar: One of the simplest and easiest to make garnishes. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity. The texture, color, and flavor it adds to the tartine can’t be substituted.
  • Pickled onions: We pickle a lot of things. But these pickled onions are a must-have on your tartine. They add so much flavor and tang.
  • Greens: The chef adds a healthy layer of greens for a pop of color and nutritional goodness.
  • Cream cheese: Our mushroom tartine is not ready until we’ve added a dose of soft, yummy cream cheese.
  • We don’t forget the mushrooms. After all, it can’t be mushroom tartine without them. But they must be cooked and seasoned right, and that’s where our seasoned chef does their magic.

Visit us at Lillie’s Victorian Establishment to find out why our mushroom tartine is one of the most ordered items on our menu.