• Soup du Jour $11

    ask server for our daily soup

  • French Onion Soup 1 $13

    Caramelized Onion Broth, Crostini, Gruyere Cheese

  • Hummus $21

    Hummus, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Olives, Pita Bread

  • Burrata $21

    Fig jam, grilled asparagus, prosciutto, balsamic glaze

  • Mediterranean flatbread $20

    Pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, onions, black olives, baby artichokes, arugula

  • Soup & Sandwich $22

    add select beer/wine 26 Half any sandwich & Soup du jour


All sandwiches & Burgers come with French Fries

  • Corn Beef Reuben $21

    8 oz Corn Beef, Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Rye Bread

  • Grilled Chicken $19

    pesto, arugula, tomato, mozzarella, toasted ciabatta

  • Wild Bacon CheeseBurger $21

    6 oz patty, Brioche, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions

  • Prosciutto Panini $20

    prosciutto, fontina, figs, baby arugula

  • Lobster Roll $23

    buttered brioche bun, lump lobster meat, celery, lemon, mayo


  • Add Shrimp $10
  • Chicken $8
  • Caesar Salad $19

    Lemon Caesar Dressing, Little Gem Lettuce, Sourdough Breadcrumbs, Grated Parmesan Cheese

  • Lillie’s Salad $17

    Mixed Greens, cranberries, crumble blue cheese, apples, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette

Signature Dishes

  • Shepherds Pie $23

    Ground Beef In Special Tomato Sauce, English Pea’s, Carrots and Onion, Topped with Mashed Potatoes

  • Chicken Pot Pie $21

    Carrots, english peas, onions, creamy chicken gravy, flaky puff pastry

  • Half Roasted Chicken $25

    mashed potato & red wine jus

  • Pan Seared Salmon $25

    roasted broccolini and baby carrots, horseradish cream

  • Pan Seared Branzino filet $20

    wild rice and pineapple salsa


  • French Fries $8
  • Chilli Lime Fries $10
  • Mashed Potato $12
  • Truffle Fries $12
  • Grilled Asparagus $12

    Grilled Asparagus

  • Broccolini $12
  • Wild Rice $10



  • Omelette $19

    Roasted Red Peppers, Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Mixed Greens

  • Vanilla Bourbon French toast $19

    Maple Syrup & Berry Compote

  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes $20

    Lemon Curd, Whipped Ricotta, Crush Pistachios

  • Chicken and Waffle $23

    Assorted Berries

  • Classic Eggs Benedict $23

    Hollandaise, Chives, Mixed Greens, Paprika Sub Smoked Salmon +6

  • Shakshuka $23

    Tomato & Sweet Bell Pepper, Poached eggs, Hollandaise, Feta Cheese, Greens, Toasted Bread

  • Steak and Eggs $33

    9 oz Skirt Steak, 2 Eggs, Chimichurri, Shoestring Potatoes

  • Build Your Own Mimosas $40

    La Gioiosa Prosecco Bottle served with carafe of fresh orange juice on ice


  • Mushroom Tartine $19

    Cream Cheese, Mustard Seed Caviar, Pickled Onions, Greens, Grilled Sourdough

  • Caesar Salad $19

    Baby Gem Lettuce, Herb Crouton, Parmesan Add Chicken $10 / Shrimp $12

  • Beet Salad $20

    Roasted Golden beets, Red beets, Candy Cane, Arugula, Radicchio, Walnuts, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Dressing

  • Avocado Toast $22

    Grilled Sourdough, Shaved Radishes, Poached Eg

  • Croque Madame $23

    Ham, Gruyere, Bechamel, Mixed Greens,Shoestring Fries and Small green Salad

  • Wilde Brunch Burger $23

    6 oz Grilled Patty ,Toasted Brioche Bun, Lettuce, steak tomato,Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Shoestring Fries and Small green Salad


  • English Muffin $5

  • Avocad0 $6
  • Fries $8
  • Apple Smoked Bacon $8
  • Pork Breakfast Sausage $8
  • Smoked Salmon $9
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl $10


  • Lillian Bland (Flying Feminist)

    Light and refreshing take on a wine spritzer with lovely notes of elderflower and lavender to portray the floral season of spring.

  • Leisurely in Love

    Tito’s Vodka, Giffard Lychee, Combier Rose, Lavender & Fresh Lime Juice

  • PJ Harvey

    Gin Lane, Ramazzotti Rosato, Combier Rose, Anterra Pinot Grigio & Fever Tree Sparkling Lemon

  • Phoebe Bridgers

    Pomp & Whimsey Botanical Gin, Limoncello (by Strega), Passion Fruit, Fever Tree Lemon Soda & Paul de Coste Blanc de Blanc

  • Helena Molonia

    A fiery and refreshing libation with subtle hints of passionfruit, orange essence with a habanero finish

Times Square Tea Time

Cocktails served mischievously in a Victorian Tea Cup

  • Blood & Sand

    A Savoy bar classic. A perfect balance of Scotch, Blood Orange, Cherry Heering & Sweet Vermouth.

  • Lilly in Lace

    Drake’s Organic White Rum, Coconut Cordial, Orgeat & Tiki bitter.

  • Espresso Martini

    Drake’s Organic Vodka, Espresso Coffee, Cacao, Mr Black Coffee & a touch of Amaretto ***Nut Allergy***


  • Bloody Mary $14
  • Mimosa $14


  • Bellini $14


Afternoon Tea

  • Tea for one $45
  • Tea for two $90
  • Veuve clicquot $75
  • Regular price at $130

    Reserve cuvee

T I E R 1

Deviled Eggs

dusted w ith  smok ed  Pa p rik a, greens

Jam  sampler

o f  Strawberry,  B lueberry,  Apricot

Asparagus Tart

As pa ragu s  Custard,  Ta rt  she11,  Mic rogreens

T I E R 2

Petite Sandwiches

Cucu mber ‹Sf Cream, Prosci u I I o G Fig S prea d, Chiceen Salad N Mind Pest o

Petite Tartine

Smok ed  Salmon,  Cream  cheese     I Chiz es, Pick led On to ns

T I E R 3

Creme brulee Trio

Choco late, Co ffee, Van ill a

Assorted Pastries, Scones, Muffins, Bread, Truffle Butter.


Small Plates

  • Blistered Shishito Peppers $14

    Garlic, Soy Sauce. Sesame Oil, Garlic Aioli

  • Truffle Arancini $17

    Truffle Rice balls, Marinara, Parmesan Cheese

  • Chicken Dumplings $19

    Five Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings, Green beans, Crispy Onions, Greens, Ponzu, Sesame oil

  • Fried Calamari $18

    Polenta Breaded Calamari, Pickled Onions, Tatar Sauce

  • Brussel Sprouts $13

    Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Honey Mustard Aioli, Crispy Quinoa

  • Hen of the woods $18

    Roasted Oyster, Maitake, Porcini Mushrooms, Cream Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Pistachio Crumble

  • Wilde Wings $19

    Six piece Jumbo wings, Sweet Chili Sauce, Sesame seeds, Chives, Blue Cheese, Carrots

  • Pork belly buns $19

    Korean glaze pork belly,Pickle cabbage, Micro Cilantro

Cold Bar

  • Hummus & Crudite $21

    Hummus, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots, Olives, Pita Bread

  • Burrata $21

    Burrata Cheese, Mint Pesto, Artichokes, Pickled Onions, Greens, Balsamic Glace, Walnuts, Olive Oil

  • Shrimp Cocktail $18

    Five Chilled Shrimps, Cocktail Sauc

  • Golden Beet Gazpacho $16

    Chilled Beet Soup, Purple & Candy Beets, Pistachio, Balsamic glace, Greens

  • Shrimp Ceviche $24

    Shrimp marinated in lime juice, Fresno Chillies Red onion, tomatoes, cilantro, Cucumber and Avocado, Tortilla chips

  • Charcuterie & Cheese plate $25

    Please Ask Your Server For The Selection

  • Oysters ½ Dozen $18

    Served with Cocktails sauce, Mignonette Sauce, Horseradish, Lemon Wedges and Mini Tabasco Sauce

  • Oysters Dozen $32

    Served with Cocktails sauce, Mignonette Sauce, Horseradish, Lemon Wedges and Mini Tabasco Sauce


  • French Fries $8
  • Chilli Lime Fries $10
  • Mashed Potato $12
  • Truffle Fries $12
  • Grilled Asparagus $12
  • Broccolini $12


  • Gem Caesar Salad $19

    Add: Shrimp +10, Grilled Chicken +8, Lemon Cesar Dressing, Little Gem Lettuce, Sourdough Breadcrumbs, Fresh Grated Parmesan

  • Greek Salad $19

    Romaine lettuce Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese,Kalamata olives, salt, oregano, olive oil

  • Beet Salad $20

    Arugula, Radicchio, Roasted Purple & Golden Beets, Candy Beets, Blue Cheese crumble, Walnuts, Balsamic Dressing

Signature Dishes Salads

  • Shepherd’s Pie $23

    Ground Beef In Special Tomato Sauce, English Pea’s, Carrots and Onion, Topped with Mashed Potatoes

  • Organic Grilled Chicken $27

    Grilled Organic Boneless Chicken seasoned with Sumac, Roasted broccolini, Mustard seeds, Lemon Jus

  • Mussels Frites $26

    Classic white wine broth, garlic, butter, shallots, Thyme Sauce

  • Pan Seared Salmon $29

    Atlantic Salmon, Asparagus, Radish Frisee salad, Cream Lemon Sauce

  • Truffle Gnocchi $29

    Porcini Duxelle, Brown Butter Cream, Fried Sage, Chives, Parmesan Cheese

  • Frutti De Mares $32

    Seafood Pasta: Shrimp, Mussels, Calamari in a spicy marinara sauce Fettuccine pasta

  • Whole Grilled Branzino $35

    Extra virgin Olive oil Seasoned with Black & Red pepper, Rock salt and Oregano, Thyme Sauce

  • Steak & Frites $35

    9oz Skirt Steak, Chimichurri Sauce, Frites


  • Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich $19

    Brioche Bun, Pickled red Cabbage, Chipotle Aioli, Pickles

  • Wilde Bacon Cheeseburger $23

    6 oz Patty,Griddled Brioche Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion

  • Lobster Roll $25

    Potato roll, Lobster Meat, Celery, lemon Mayo


  • Chocolate Decadence Cake $12

    Devil’s Food Cake, Dark Chocolate, Truffle Cream, Chocolate Frosting

  • NY Cheesecake $12
  • Tiramisu $12
  • Crème brûlée $12
  • Chocolate Bread Pudding $12

    Served with Vanilla Gelato

  • Trio of Sorbet $12

    Coconut, Mango, Raspberry

Coffee & Tea

  • Cappuccino $5.95
  • Cafe Latte $5
  • Espresso $3.50
  • Double Espresso $5.00
  • Americano $4.50

    Served with Vanilla Gelato

  • Coffee $4.00

    Coconut, Mango, Raspberry

  • Assorted Teas $4.50

    Earl Gray Green Tea Chamomile Peppermint Black Tea

  • After Dinner Cocktail $16

    Espresso Martini


inspired by independent-minded songstresses

  • PJ Harvey $16

    Gin Lane, Ramazzotti Rosato, Combier Rose, Anterra Pinot Grigio & Fever Tree Sparkling Lemon

  • Ani Difranco $16

    Tequila, Cassia Bark Bitters, a touch of Cinnamon & London Essence Toasted Pineapple

  • Tracey Chapman $16

    Peloton Mezcal, Strega, Citrus bitters, Fresh Lime & Fever Tree Yuzu Soda

  • Siouxsie Sioux (Lillian Bland) $16

    Drake’s Organic Vodka, St Elderflower, Lavender, Chateau de Berne Rose & Q Grapefruit

  • Phoebe Bridgers $16

    Pomp & Whimsey Botanical Gin, Limoncello (by Strega), Passion Fruit, Fever Tree Lemon Soda & Paul de Coste Blanc de Blanc

The various ways you can enjoy a crafted agave/citrus cocktail

  • Helena Molonia $16

    Tanteo Habanero, Aperol, Chinola Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime & A Touch of Agave

  • Siempre Juntos $16

    Coconut Fat Wash Peloton Mezcal, Homemade Tepache, Velvet Falernum, Fresh Lemon & Agave

  • Afecto Real $16

    Corralejo Reposado, Peloton Mezcal, Benedictine, Pineapple & Lime

  • Amistad Leal $16

    Corralejo Reposado, Blood Orange, Lime & Tangerine

  • Dalmata Roja $16

    Peloton Mezcal, Rockey’s Botanical, Giffard Passion



  • Leisurely in Love $16

    Tito’s Vodka, Giffard Lychee, Combier Rose, Lavender & Fresh Lime Juice

  • Writer’s Clock $16

    Drake’s Organic Dill infused Vodka, Kiwi Shrub, Fresh Lemon Juice, & splash of club soda.


  • Count of Connacht $16

    Yellowstone Bourbon, a touch of fresh grapefruit & finished with touches of honey & hibiscus.

  • Wilde Hare $16

    Copper Dog Scotch, Amaro Nonino, Carrot Juice, Lemon Juice, Honey, Peach bitters & a splash of of Q Ginger beer.


  • Brigid of Kildare $16

    Gosling’s Dark Rum, Fonseca Port, Giffard Strawberry, Lazzaroni Maraschino & fresh Lemon Juice. fresh mint leaves, & fresh lemon juice.

  • Lilly in Lace $16

    Drake’s Organic White Rum, Coconut Cordial, Orgeat & Tiki bitter.


  • Hotel D'Alsace $16

    Gin Lane 1751, Rhubarb Elixir, Lavender Extract, and Fresh Lemon Juice. A smooth transition from winter to spring.

  • Pale Princess $16

    Gin Lane 1751, Grapefruit-Cello, Fresh Grapefruit and Lime Juice with a dash of Peach Bitters.

  • Purple Prince $16

    Gin Lane, Pomegranate, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rhubarb bitters, Club Soda.


  • Misunderstood Miranda $16

    Cherry infused Peloton De La Muerta, Campari, hints of Amaro Nonino & Mozart Dark Chocolate.

  • Northern Nightingale 16 $16

    Sombra Mezcal, touches of Tequila, Giffard Banana, & Campari. Splashes of Orange & Lime juice.


Refreshing libations inspired by artists of Irish descent

  • Bullet The Blue Sky (U2) $16

    Drumshanbo Irish Gunpowder, London Essence Grapefruit-Rosemary tonic, garnished with fresh grapefruit, rosemary, juniper berries and baby breath flower

  • Dreaming My Dreams (The Cranberries) $16

    Gin Lane Victorian Pink, Combier rose petal, Tiki bitters, Fever Tree Aromatic tonic. Garnished with juniper berries, combination of seasonal flowers.

  • Fairytale of New York (The Pogues) $16

    Fords Gin, Rockey’s Botanical, Fever Tree Citrus tonic, a touch of saline, a dash of clove bitters. Garnished with baby breath flower, green flower, juniper berries, & cloves.

  • Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles) $16

    Aviation, Pomp & Whimsey botanical gin, mole bitters, Q tonic garnished with pink & green peppercorns, orange slice, sprig of mint & baby breath flower

  • Now My Heart is Full (Morrissey) $16

    Roku Japanese gin, a smather of coconut cordial, a few dashes angostura bitter. Finished with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. Garnished with coconut flakes, juniper berries, fall green leaf, and orange.

  • What’s The Story, Morning Glory (Oasis) $16

    Gin Lane 1751, Combier Crème de Violette, Q tonic, a splash of lemon juice, garnished with fresh thyme, juniper berries, orange and an appropriate flower.

  • How Soon Is Now (The Smiths) $16

    Botanist, Citrus bitters, Lavender extract, Q elderflower tonic, garnished with red rose petals, limes, juniper berries and two spritzes of rose essence

Old Fashions

Fashioned after Famous Leading Men from the Golden Age of Hollywood

  • Humphrey Bogart $16

    Yellowstone Bourbon, Cedar Smoke (campfire feel), dash of Angostura & Orange bitters. Balanced, smokey & spirit forward.

  • Sidney Poitier $16

    Yellowstone Bourbon steeped in our proprietary method of fresh Oranges & Maraschino Cherries finished off Bacon infused Applewood Chips which gives off a subtle winter smoke.

  • James Dean $16

    Templeton Rye 4yr, Combier Peach, Amaro Nonino & Cinnamon Smoke. Hints of sweet smoke, herb & peach.

  • Marlon Brando $16

    Sombra Mezcal, Old Mexico Tequila, Giffard Cacao, Giffard Pineapple with dashes of Angostura, Mole, & Orange bitters. Balanced, hints of fruit, earthiness & a spike of smoke.

Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail without alcohol

  • Florence Welch $12

    Fresh Pineapple, Tangerine & Orange juice with a hint of agave & a splash of Q Grapefruit Soda

  • Tyler the Creator $12

    Fresh Mint, Lime & Orange juice, Hibiscus & a splash of Q Ginger Beer.

  • Brandon Flowers $12

    Fresh Cucumber & Rosemary, Squeezed Lemon, a hint of Lavender, with splashes of Sprite & Q Grapefruit.



  • Pinot Grigio, Anterra, Delle Venezie, IT, ‘19 $12

    (Light green Apple and peach on the nose. Not overly acidic. Touch of mineral on the palette.) BOTTLE - 42$

  • Chardonnay, McManis Vineyards, River Junction, CA ‘18 $13

    (bright fruit aromas pear, melon & peach. Palate notes of stone fruit, banana, vanilla & a hint of buttered popcorn) BOTTLE - 65$

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Guenoc Valley, CA, ' 19 $13

    (tropical fruit flavors, balanced acidity, fresh aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry and melon) BOTTLE - 45$

  • Albarino, Abadia de San Campo, Terras Gauda, SP , ‘20 $16

    (Biodynamic, organic, Intense, dense green fruit flavors, crisp and slightly dry not too sweet) BOTTLE - 75$

  • Sancerre, Jean Gadion, Loire Valley, FR , ‘16 $22

    (Biodynamic, organic, Intense, dense green fruit flavors, crisp and slightly dry not too sweet) BOTTLE - 106$


  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Avalon, Lodi, CA '17 $13

    (Juicy aromas of dark fruit, mocha & spice meet with hints of vanilla. On the palate, black cherry, red raspberry and plum - followed by a long, smooth finish BOTTLE - 40$

  • Malbec, Finca El Origen, Mendoza, ARG ‘19 $15

    (an attractive and intense violet color, ripe red fruit aromas such as plums and red and black cherries, strong floral presence) BOTTLE - 52$

  • Pinot Noir, Imagery, Sonoma, CA ‘20 $16

    (Medium bodied - organic grapes dark cherry, cranberry, blackberry, more cherry. Clove, mocha, blood orange & vanilla accents - think French Burgundy) BOTTLE - 55$

  • Merlot, Chloe, Monterey, CA ‘19 $14

    (Dark fruits, tobacco, chocolate & oak. Medium to full bodied, smooth after taste.) BOTTLE - 55$

  • Bordeaux, Baron Lombart, Bordeaux, FR '18 $16

    On the lighter side, this red has lovely aromas of violet, cherry and dark fruit. BOTTLE - 70$


  • Chateau de Berne, Romance Rose, Cotes de Provence, FR ‘20 $13

    (Dominant orchard fruits. Floral and intense nose. very ripe peach & strawberry flavors. A great texture & silkiness) BOTTLE - 50$


  • Prosecco, La Gioiosa Prosecco Treviso, Veneto, IT $12

    BOTTLE - 40$

  • Cava Brut Rose, Mercat,Catalonia, SP $13

    BOTTLE - 43$

  • Blanc de Blanc, Paul de Coste, Provence, FR $16

    BOTTLE - 50$



  • Original Sin Rose (Hudson, NY) 6.5% $9

    Made with New York apples for a blush color.


  • Stella (Belgium) 5.2%. $9

    Classic Belgian lager, rich in taste

  • Modelo Especial (Mexico) 4.4% $9

    Pilsner style lager, crisp with a slight hint of hops

  • Heineken (Netherlands) 5.4% $9

    Pale style lager, crisp & fresh


  • Krombacher Pils (Germany) 4.8% $8.50

    Clear rich color pils with frothy top, with a nose of grain with faint hope.

  • Carlsberg (Denmark) 5% $8.50

    Crisp, clear & perfectly balanced.


  • Bronx World Gone Hazy IPA (Bronx). 7% $9.50

    Full-bodied and juicy, packed with orange, mango and pineapple

  • Lagunitas (California) 6.2% $9.50

    balanced caramel malt with bitter citrus notes & hops

  • Dogfish 90 Min (Delaware) 9% $12

    Malt backbone with hop flavor

  • Stone Tangerine Express (California) 6.7% $10

    Tropical IPA


  • Blue Point Toasted(Long Island, NY) 5.5% $9.50

    Malt & hops with 6 different grains


  • Paulaner (Germany) 5.2% $9.50

    German style wheat beer

  • Cisco Grey Lady Ale (Massachusetts) 4% $9.50

    Belgian style white ale

  • Victory Golden Monkey (Pennsylvania) 9.5% $12

    Belgian style Tripel


  • Guinness (Dublin) 4.2% $10

    (experience 20 oz's of rich, creamy, smooth stout)


  • LIC Beer Project Sour Hour (Queens, NY) 7% $6


  • Athletic Brewing Hazy IPA 0% $9


  • Amstel Light 3.5% $9
  • Budlight 4.2% $9
  • Coors Light 4.2% $9
  • Michelob Ultra 4.2% $9