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Lillie’s Victorian Establishment boasts stunning wooden carvings and artifacts sourced from the ballroom of a 19th-century Northern Ireland mansion, blending authentic opulence with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. The intricate design elements of our restaurant create a unique and luxurious ambiance, perfect for a variety of occasions.


Lillie Langtry was a highly successful British actress, a renowned beauty, and socialite of the late 19th century. She was notorious for her long list of prominent suitors, which included the future King of England, Edward VII. She was born on the Isle of Jersey, which lies off the southern coast of England, and was later known as the “Jersey Lillie”.

Lillie landed on the shores of America in 1882 to fulfill her dream of becoming a world-renowned actress. On the evening of her debut, An Unequaled Match, at the New York Park Theatre, the building burned to the ground, leaving only a charred sign bearing the words “Lillie Langtry”. This incident assured Lillie’s everlasting fame throughout the states.

Lillie was at home in the company of princes and presidents, artists and poets, or simply alone in her garden. Envied, respected, adored, and lampooned, her fame spanned over half a century. A controversial figure who challenged Victorian society’s attitudes to women, Lillie Langtry was years ahead of her time. We created Lillie’s Victorian Establishment in honor of her legacy.

A portrait photograph of Lillie Langtry from 1885.


  • 1853 – October 13th. Born on the Isle of Jersey.
  • 1867 – Age 14 Receives her first marriage proposal.
  • 1874 – Age 20 Marries Edward Langtry (Irish landowner)
  • 1876 – Age 22 1st society dinner at Lady Sebright’s
  • 1877 – Age 23 Starts affair with Prince of Wales
  • 1878 – Age 24  Presented at court to Queen Victoria
    •  Millais Portrait wins Portrait of the year
  • 1880 – Age 26 Has money problems
  • 1881 – Age 27 Secret birth of her daughter in Paris
    •  First appearance on stage
    •  First commercial Advertisement: Pears soap
  • 1882 – Age 28 Theater tour of America with own company
  • 1885 – Age 31 Texas town named after her by Judge Roy Bean
  • 1886 – Age 32 Tours in own Pullman carriage “Lalee”
  • 1887 – Age 33 Becomes American Citizen
    •  Divorces Edward Langtry
  • 1888 – Age 34 Returns to London stage
  • 1892 – Age 38 Becomes owner of 120 ft yacht
    •  Refuses role in Lady Windemere’s Fan
  • 1897 – Age 44 Wins Cesarewitch with her horse Merman
  • 1898 – Age 45 Retires from the stage a millionaire
  • 1901 – Age 48Purchases own theatre: The Imperial London
    •  Attends King Edward VII coronation
  • 1905 – Age 51 Acting tour of South Africa
  • 1906 – Age 52 First appearance in Vaudeville
  • 1907 – Age 53 Breaks the bank at Monte Carlo
  • 1909 – Age 55 Writes her first novel
  • 1913 – Age 60 Appears in first and only film role
  • 1916 – Age 62 Returns to stage for WWI charities
  • 1925 – Age 72 Writes Autobiography: The Days I Knew
  • 1929 – Age 75 Dies in Monaco
    •  Buried on the Isle of Jersey